Fiber Optics

KLR routes the cable, makes terminations, tests and certifies fiber optics cable.

What are the advantages of using Fiber Optics for your Data Network?

Fiber Optics in Cleveland, Akron, and Northeast OhioGreater bandwidth: The extremely large bandwidth on fiber optic transmissions allows a greater volume of data per unit of time than copper lines, making fiber optic cables the choice for business that has heavy bandwidth requirements. It sends more information faster and over a greater distance without losing resolution or speed. Very low signal loss or line interference means clear fast connections of data.

Security: Data networking over fiber optic cables is one of the most secure connections for data compared to wireless or copper lines. In  many cases we recommend using fiber optic cable in place of other means for switch to switch transmissions.

Durability: It is more reliable and stronger. It is less susceptible to weather such as rain, ice, hail, humidity, thunder storms which can stall or interrupt signals over copper line. Fiber optical systems do not have electromagnetic interference like other cabling methods. They can handle higher termperature applications.

Speed: Fiber optic cables are super fast. They literally work at the speed of light. Copper wires work at the speed of electricity, so fiber optic is much faster.

These advantages are important if you are transmitting video data, or have a long distance to transmit data.