IT Support

IT Support and data network support from KLR Fire and SecurityOur professional IT support specialists will provide high quality customer service, should your data networks need support.

Network Infrastructure

KLR’s many years of experience, serving large manufacturing and industrial customers with their data network, allows us to provide consistent, reliable services to support a company’s in-house IT department.

We work with all levels of IT management to provide data network support, whether it is the IT manager of a local facility or a VP of IT for a large division in a major corporate complex, we offer the professional IT support for the physical network.

We design and install all the various components of the IT network. If troubleshooting a problem is needed, we test to identify the situation and will switch out equipment to help keep your IT department running smoothly. Our IT support can include regular inspection and maintenance to your structured cabling and network equipment.

Software Support

KLR is a leader in our field when it comes to supporting and implementing custom software solutions for customers.

Software solutions often include creating and implementing site specific user interfaces and integration into various control and safety systems that allow for easier access to important data and security implementations.

We stay on the leading edge by constantly engaging in training and having consistent interaction with manufacturers about the future for products and services.

Server/Client Support

KLR will design and build custom hardware from large system critical servers to small automated clients so your IT department won’t have to worry about sourcing quality hardware to run the most demanding software.

We specialize in creating solutions that can withstand the most severe environments while maintaining performance and stay reliable for years.

We also work with existing systems to troubleshoot and repair hardware that may be malfunctioning or in need of modernization in your facility.