Structured Cabling

Reliable Design. Excellent Workmanship.

Structured Cabling from KLR Fire and SecurityKLR provides the backbone cabling system structure to interconnect all the data centers in the network, including between buildings in a large campus environment.

We install the physical cable for the networking to connect the elements. We provide termination, testing and certification from point A to point B to determine there is good conduction. We can set up the network of the Ethernet connections, CAT or industrial shielded cables, as well as fiber optics cable. We minimize downtime risks through redundancy and proper networking technology. We put our experience to work for your organization. Some of our structured cabling services include:

  • Organize and pull the cables
  • Install and program switches
  • Splice connections
  • Create the IDF Individual Distribution Cabinet
  • Server Rack Design and Installation
  • Ethernet cable, coax cabling and fiber optics
  • Switch to switch communications required over fiber optics
  • Industrial communication with PLC Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Set up routers
  • Connect servers and computers
  • Termination, test and certify

The proper cabling infrastructure for speed and reliability is important.  Keeping your data delivery fast and reliable is a priority. We supply support documentation. We are Honeywell authorized dealers.

In addition to creating and testing the structured cabling, we can switch out network equipment as needed to replace any IP devices on the network. We support the physical structure of the data network. This includes network systems, audio systems and any door access or security systems. If there are any problems, we troubleshoot, replace equipment, and fix problems to repair any lost connections.

Find out today how we can make a difference in your data networking with our structured cabling services.  Call us today at 440-748-0500 or email us at