Fire Extinguishers

The Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire protection devices are crucial to have the mobility to stop fires at their root. There are numerous types of portable fire extinguishers that KLR Fire & Security distributes, each fitting some very specific needs.

These include:

  • ABC dry chemical type, which uses monoammonium phosphate dry chemicals on class A, B, and C fires
  • BC dry chemical, which has siliconized sodium bicarbonate that makes it ideal for flammable liquid and pressurized gas fires, and is electrically non-conductive; also, the chemical does not bake to hard surfaces.
  • CO2, which has the advantage of being electrically non-conductive, and is ideal for Class B and C liquid fires.
  • Water Mist, which uses deionized water from a nozzle that sprays so as to prevent electric shock, enhance cooling and soaking ability, and reduce burning material scattering; it is ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, libraries, and document storage.
  • Wet Chemical, which is deal for Class K fires, such as those in kitchens, due to their fine mist that helps prevent grease splash and fire reflash, and their low pH potassium acetate agent that aids in saponification and cooling of grease, and protects stainless steel surfaces.
  • Halotron, which discharges a rapidly evaporating, non-conductive residue-free hydrochlorofluorocarbon liquid, ideal for Class A, B and C fires, and is a good choice for electronic equipment, motors, and machinery due to its leaving little residue
  • AFFF-aqueous film-forming foam, which expands less than other foams, but can grow enough to quickly cover large areas, and is very mobile due to its low viscosity; many may also be alcohol-resistant (AR-AFFF) and form films that can protect against the reaction of alcohols in fires, or film-forming fluoroprotein fire extinguishers (FFFP,) which are alcohol-resistant, create a fire-preventing vapor barrier, and generally have better blanket life and knockdown and are more resistant to oil contamination; they are ideal for alcohols, polar solvents and hydrocarbons, and typically these protein foams are biodegradable, durable, and from plant sources.

In addition to these specific chemical types, there are two major forms of portability each can take: handheld fire extinguishers, such as the small ones you can find on any wall, or larger wheeled fire extinguishers. They may also come with a number of accessories that we distribute, such as brackets, cabinets, covers, foam exchangers, and tags.

Portable Extinguisher Product Varieties

We work with Buckeye Fire Equipment, who sells the ABC Dry Chemical brand for a wide range of fire protection. It comes in numerous sizes from 2.5-30lb and has optional brass valves. They also sell the Standard Dry Chemical extinguishers, which are sodium bicarbonate-based and rated for class B and C fires; Purple K, which is potassium bicarbonate-based and rated for C and especially B class fires; the Halotron brand, which uses a residue-free, argon-pressurized hydrochlorofluorocarbon gas agent, and comes in sizes from 2.5 to 15.5 lbs; and CO2 extinguishers, which come in sizes from 5 to 20 lb and discharge times from 8 to 20 seconds. These extinguishers are valuable for a wide range of areas, depending on their types–like offices, homes, farms, boats, data storage areas, and computer rooms. Whatever your portable fire extinguisher needs are, we will help you meet them with Buckeye Fire Equipment products.


Once you buy any of these products from us, our professionals will aid in installation and maintenance. This includes both regularly scheduled service and emergency calls.


As with our other services, we are able to use our engineering expertise to survey your building, come up with measurements, and set up the location of your fire protection systems plan in CAD.