Audio/Visual, Paging Systems

Paging Systems audio voice evacuationKLR Fire and Security provides Audio/Visual and Paging Systems applications for commercial complexes, industrial facilities, schools, high rise apartments, nursing homes and other facilities.

Advantages of the KLR Audio/Visual Paging Systems:

  • Expandable
  • Customized to meet your needs
  • Designed to meet the NFPA Code requirements

Visual Lights and Strobing Systems
When a fire alarm goes off, the strobe lights help to gain attention. We develop strobing systems that are customized in different colors and patterns to meet specific needs. LED scrolling signs help deliver and reinforce communication.

Audio Announcements
In the event of an emergency, prerecorded information can alert employees, customers, guests, visitors and other individuals with information they will need for evaluation or handling of the emergency.

In the event of the need for an evacuation or other emergencies:

  • Tornado warnings
  • Chemical spills
  • Hazard conditions
  • Weather warnings
  • Weather watchers
  • Fire evacuation
  • Earthquakes
  • Building lockdowns
  • Employee emergencies

Some commercial business may use audio equipment to signify routine events throughout the facility. For example, some factories use audible horns to signify the beginning and ending of break time.

Paging Systems

  • Loudspeaker announcements
  • Employee emergency
  • Mass instructions and notifications

We design and install the Audio/Visual equipment and paging systems. In addition, we provide training on use as well as semiannual and annual inspections. We also supply service when needed.