Gates, Controls, and Site Access Technologies

Site access security technology from KLR Fire and SecurityWith KLR, you have options for keeping your company buildings and property secure.

Security gates for parking lots, truck entrances, and other specific areas allow you to restrict access to the company’s property and provide peace of mind.

Access control provides you with options for limiting and monitoring any access to any parts of the company and still allows egress or lockdown during emergency situations.

Our wide selection of site access technologies allows remote monitoring of access from a central operations area, a computer, or even a smartphone.

In sensitive areas, such as product development, confidential records, proprietary processes or other key areas, KLR Fire and Security is often called on to do it all — providing both the fire protection and the security system.

Site Access Security

Through the use of our security technologies, we can help you to decide what aspects of of gates, access controls and site access is needed to meet your particular needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Multiple access levels by different employees throughout the building, during work hours, depending on job functions
  • Outdoor security gates can be automatically preset to be opened with a specific card or fob for certain times of day.
  • Parking lot gates open during regular work hours but can automatically stay closed during holiday hours, when business is closed.
  • We can install barrier gates, sliding gates and pivoting gates for traffic, depending on the application
  • Restricted areas can be off limit for most employees with the exception of key personnel with card access.
  • Temporary access cards can be programmed to expire after 24 hours for temporary visitors
  • Pedestrian turnstiles and optical barriers are also available