Security Systems and Integration

security services and integrationLooking for security systems and integration for a commercial building and industrial properties? Companies need to protect their assets. You may need an integrated security system for any number of reasons, but access control and public safety probably top the list.

KLR Fire and Security provides all the equipment and technology needed for integration of security systems. We can integrate all the components into a system that provides peace of mind.

Integration can include:

  • Cameras on doors, windows, parking lot and common areas
  • Closed Circuit Video Surveillance
  • Automatic back ups and recordings
  • Access control records including cardkeys, key fobs, keypad, gate controls or other site access technol0gies
  • Central area of operations in your facility
  • Audio/visual signage for emergency information complete with paging and color signals

By utilizing access control in your facility locations, you know when employees, customers and guests are moving through the building. No one will be coming in and out of their building unannounced.

Security systems have motion access out for emergency egress and fire escape.

Our security access professionals know how to set up access systems so that it meets your company’s unique needs.

Employee card keys or fobs can simply open a door or could send electronic records with the employee’s name, ID number and additional information to a central security station. Specific cameras can be set to record visual information as needed. Some companies choose to use their security and access control system as a time clock to give a time stamp for access by employees.

Depending on the set up, surveillance cameras can be monitored remotely, even by a smart phone, if so desired.

The professionals at KLR Fire and Security specialize in developing customized systems that provide the tools and functions needed by the organization. Contact us today at 440-748-0500 to find out more about how we can help you with your security systems and integration.