Data / Networking

Data networking from KLR Fire and SecurityCompanies trust KLR with their data networking needs.

Our networking professionals work closely with your in-house IT department to provide hands-on IT support for the company’s network.

Data Networking Services

We provide a variety of services for data networking. We can help with the design and development of your network, connecting all the structured cabling with components in your network’s infrastructure. We also provide on-going regular inspections as requested.

We are a cabling solutions provider of low voltage cable, ethernet CAT6 cable, CAT6A, fiber optics (both multimode and single mode) as well as OM1, OM2 and OM3.

Our certified installers can pull cables, wire and terminate the drops. They configure jacks as needed and route the cable coming into the distribution rack. For existing systems, our data network professions can audit, organize, troubleshoot and repair any issues with your network.

We provide terminations, testing of the terminations and certifying of the terminations. We provide reports and documentation.