Fire Alarms

 KLR Fire and Security has what You Need for Fire Alarms

Whatever needs you have for fire alarms, we can help to get this crucial part of your industrial or commercial building in place. The specific ways we can fit your needs include the following:

  • Service

Being a Factory Certified fire alarm installation contractor in northeast Ohio, we specialize in the installation of Fire Alarms, and Fire Prevention Services. We offer products from a wide variety of manufacturers in order to provide our customers with many competitive, customized options. We bring our decades of experience to the whole life-cycle of the sale: the beginning, when we try to find your specific needs; the middle, when we have found your needs and make the necessary changes; and afterwards, when we will follow up with you regarding product operation and maintenance.

We service Fire Alarms, and Fire Prevention systems throughout Ohio. This includes 24/7 service and support on the products of all the manufacturers who supply us, numerous inspection and service packages, and central station fire alarm monitoring tailored to your needs. These solutions will help reduce system failures and increase protection and safety of your buildings and facility

  • Products

Our list of products include the Honeywell brands, which include Fire-Lite and Silent Knight.  These products are not just basic fire alarms, but specialized control panels, which are required in new construction and can detect environmental changes through sensors, provide information necessary for a facility to prepare itself for a fire, supply electrical energy for sensors and transmitters, and automate equipment control. They are designed and manufactured for conventional, addressable , voice evacuation and retrofit applications. There is also , several other options from the Honeywell family of products

KLR Fire & Security distributes these products:

– Fire-Lite
– Silent Knight
– IP & GSM Fire Alarm Communicators
– Vista/Ademco
– System Sensor

Third Party Vendors:

– Gamewell/FCI
– Notifier

  • Inspection

The biggest causes of fire alarm failure are lack of proper inspection and lack of regular maintenance. In addition to the risks of failure, there are organizational mandates: Life Safety Code 101 requires any life-saving device, such as fire extinguishers, to be regularly tested and maintained; additionally, NFPA code 70, or the National Electric Code, sets electrical safety requirements for electrical wiring and equipment, such as for fire alarms, and NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, provides specific guidelines on the performance, testing, and maintenance of fire alarms and similar devices. Also, the OBC–Ohio Building Codes–and your local AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) and the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) have regulations that must be followed. Our service is tailored to your needs; specifically, we can set up monitoring for fire alarms, help you be able to direct central station monitoring, and provide inspection to help meet the above-mentioned organizational mandates.

  • Engineering

We regularly review fire alarm codes, standards, and new products in order to provide solutions that not only meet customers’ requirements today, but also anticipate future  needs, and possible ADA and NFPA requirements in addition to existing ones.

We are fully AutoCAD compatible, and have plotting capabilities on site, for fast turn-around on all projects.