Card Access, Keypads, Access Control

Card access keypads and access control from KLR Fire and SecurityLooking for card access for your company’s security?

Business owners look for security and access control for the buildings and properties for any number of reasons, but revenue and public safety top the list.

By having access control, you will know when employees, customers and guests are moving through the facility. No one will be coming in and out of their building unannounced. You may want to limit access to certain buildings or sections of buildings. Many companies choose to limit the number of people who have access to confidential information like Research & Development areas, computer rooms, servers or personnel records.  Other companies want to use access control for parking lots, elevators or external entrances.

Security access systems can be set up in many different ways. Each business is unique. We will work with you to determine your company’s unique needs and then design a system to meet your needs.

Card access fobs or card access keys can simply open a door or could send electronic records with the employee’s name, ID number, and additional information to a central security station. Some companies choose to use their security and access control system as a time clock to give a time stamp for access by employees.

Some customers want a keypad program with a unique entrance code.

Cameras can focus on doors. Depending on the set up, surveillance cameras can be monitored remotely, even by a smart phone, if so desired. We can create an integrated security system to meet your needs.

The professionals at KLR Fire and Security specialize in developing customized systems that provide the tools and functions needed by the organization. Contact us today to get started.